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5 family friendly (and fun) activities to do this winter

Do you need some toddler or child activity ideas for this winter? Here are some of my ideas for you to try.


Every winter I find myself wondering what to do with my daughter when it starts to get cold. I have a spritely three year old and staying inside all day isn't always a feasible option. During the warmer months, all free time is basically spent outside so it is a big change for us when winter comes around. Here are some activities I like to do with her so that we can have fun, burn off some energy, and not (totally) freeze outside.

1. Bake anything.

I am an admittedly amateur baker, but am getting a little better with practice. My daughter loves to help me try new recipes. We call her "Chef" and got her a little $5 chef hat off Amazon. While she does eat half the ingredients before they make it into the oven, it's a great bonding experience and saves us from winter boredom! Chef also has her own Easy Bake oven which we are now beginning to experiment with.

2. Paint nails, and if not, then try rocks... seriously.

My three year old loves to get her nails painted every once in a while, so I use the opportunity to let her pick her nail polish, sit her down at the table, and paint her nails. It takes just a few moments, but it makes her feel so special, and luckily she knows to sit still till they're dry. You can even use this as a "treat" for good behavior for your child. If your child doesn't like their nails painted, I have also let her grab some rocks, pinecones, or any applicable thing from outside and paint them on a tray or inside a box. *Let the creativity commence while you sip your coffee*

3. Go on a backyard "adventure".

While I don't prefer the winter, I will still go outside pretty regularly. If I'm not on a walk or hike, I let my three year old run around our backyard and usually try to have her look for a certain type of something. For example, I ask her to collect berries to "cook" in a bucket. This can really keep her busy as she runs around, and also lets her mind wander as she explores different types of plants in different areas of the yard. Personally, I remember as a child loving different sections of my parents yard because each could be so different from another. You could definitely try something like this at a park, too. Of course always make sure you've got a watchful eye out for thorns or poisonous plants.

4. Watch an episode of "Octonauts"

If you're a parent, we all know that sometimes you just need to sit down and take a minute. And while I love the outdoors, sometimes you need to stay inside! I have tried to watch certain shows with my three year old, but sometimes, I find the shows are not educational and even teach her poor behavior. My niece and nephews loved 'Octonauts' when they were younger, so I turned it on on Netflix. It's super educational for all ages and easy to understand for little kids. I love that it educates children (and honestly me too) on sea creatures around the world. So next time you need a few minutes to reset, warm up, or clean up the kitchen, try this!

5. Send mail to your loved ones.

Especially during COVID-19, we have not been able to see all of our family and friends we'd like to. While mail is slow at the current moment, sending mail to your loved ones can really put a smile on their face and your child's. Have your child draw a picture, make a craft, or write a little letter to send out in the mail to who they wish. Let them put on the stamp and put it in the mailbox. It will make them feel like they've really accomplished something, which they did!


Till Next Time

- Sommer

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