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Team & Community

Sheridan Lawyers February 2023.jpg
Sheridan Lawyers February 2023.jpg


February 1st 2023

Sheridan Lawyers united for a special day of learning with Crisp trainer Mariko Antonacci, who shared insight on our results from the Kolbe instinctive strengths assessment on February 1st.  We gained much insight as individuals and grew stronger as a team. 

President's Dinner

January 20th 2023

Sheridan Lawyers joined the outgoing president of the Chester County Bar Association on January 20th at Loch Aerie Mansion in Malvern. Sheridan Lawyers Attorney Alyssa Cannon Yori, Sheridan Lawyers Paralegal Melissa Wioskowski, Michelle Bernardo-Rudy and Sheridan Lawyers Attorney Joann Drust take a moment to celebrate the special occasion in honor of the outgoing president, second from right. Best wishes!


Meet Archie

Office Cat

The Sheridan family adopted Archie in 2020. He's frightened of big dogs and found a

purrr-fect place to shine as the official office cat at Sheridan Lawyers in Kennett Square.

Archie enjoys playing with kitten toys and basking in the sunlight. He also loves to watch the action-packed every day happenings in the borough from the vantage point of different office windows.


Vision Day

December 15th 2022

Sheridan Lawyers extends sincere thanks to Michael Mogill and Crisp for inviting us to a very special Vision Day in Atlanta, Georgia on Thursday.  Hillary Sheridan and Holly Sheridan also had the chance to meet with Jessica Mogill (center) while attending an exclusive strategic and motivational event open exclusively to law firm owners. 

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Mushroom Festival

Fall 2022

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