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Unfortunately, the custody process can be draining on our clients, the opposing party, and the children involved. Generally, children benefit substantially when parents set their harsh feelings aside and maintain open communication with one another when discussing custody matters.

Consistently, custody battles in Pennsylvania focus on the best interests of the child. A party can file a custody complaint in family court to initiate court proceedings. Generally, the parties are required to attend a parenting class or educational seminar as well as mediation before attending the scheduled custody conciliation before a Master. 


Attending a custody conciliation may not be required if the parties are able to reach an amicable agreement beforehand.  We encourage our clients to reach an agreement where possible because it allows our clients to have some control over the outcome of the custody of his or her child. Remember, a custody order entered by the court is enforceable under law.  


If you need a custody order or a modification of an existing custody order, contact us to schedule an initial consultation. 

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