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  • Sommer Falgowski Poppe, Esq.


By: Sommer Falgowski Poppe, Esq.


Maybe you've seen me use #MomsFightingforMoms in previous posts. To Holly and I, it means a lot. Outside of being family law attorneys, Holly and myself are both mothers to young children. As mothers and attorneys, we find ourselves with the ability to really understand how much parents care for their children and what they are willing to do for their children.

While our go-to hashtag may be #MomsFightingforMoms, we find pride in helping parents find a solution to their legal matters. We're really #MomsFightingforDads, #MomsFightingforParents, , #MomsFightingforKids, #MomsFightingforGrandparents, and so much more! Sheridan Lawyers is proud to represent anyone seeking out help in their custody, support, and divorce matters.

- Sommer

If you're confused where your custody situation stands, what your next step is, or have any other family law question, call our office at (484)654-0774 to schedule a FREE one-hour consultation with a family law attorney.

At Sheridan Lawyers, we have two full-time family law attorneys ready to meet your needs, partner Holly K. Sheridan, Esq., and associate Sommer Falgowski Poppe, Esq.

Each Holly and Sommer have young children themselves, and can personally understand how important children are to their parents. Holly and Sommer are proud to be #MomsFightingForMoms.

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