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"When it comes to divorce and custody battles, there isn’t much in life more difficult for a person to go through. Hiring Holly was the best decision I could have made during these traumatic times. Holly is not only extremely smart and professional, she is also the friendly figure that you can count on to be by your side. That seems like a difficult balance for a lawyer, but she does it with ease. Even though both parties have moved out of the county, I plan to keep all of my orders within her county so that I can call on her when the next issue arises. She is understanding and caring and knows how to talk me down when I need it. I definitely recommend Holly for all of your family law needs."

 LEANNE, Mother 

"I was going to lose everything. I would highly recommend Sheridan Lawyers — they gave me a really good outcome!"

 B.C., Criminal Defense client

"Holly has been helping with some Family Law matters. Especially, she helped me through my divorce and child support, custody issues. She held my hand through this difficult time  ...  

I definitely will recommend Sheridan Lawyers, they have have a strong team!"

 J.C., Family Law client

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